About Chapati

Our recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and perfected by our Mom. All her cuisine has a distinct taste of Pakistani and Indian spices.Our parents Pakistani and Indian origins mixed with their diverse Middle Eastern lving are bringing decades of experience and care to quality eating. The classic methods have been preserved and expanded on with talent and care! We have been part of the Indianapolis community for 21 years now and we would like to enhance the food scene and culture as a whole.


We are a revolutionary Pakistani, Indian, and Middle Eastern restaurant preparing all levels of cusine! From house style gourment dishes, deeply marinated spiced grill, fusion dishes, and street food. We have mastered our techniques in 24 hour marination and slow cooked dishes. With a market changing new strategy to bring you high qulaity dishes in a relaxed manner and enviornment.


We are blessed to see Indiana's Indianapolis International Marketplace grow and become a thriving destination for all Hoosiers to try unique and diverse styles of cuisines. We also cater to a wide range of out of state travelers who would do anything for a fresh hand made mothers meal. With our family run restaurant we are determined to provide the best service with a growing menu. 


We are blending high end ethnic cuisine with a modern atmosphere to bring a completely unique enviornemnt and vibes. Come enjoy our "5 Star Eating, Super Chill Seating!"